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Dairy’s Functional Health Benefits

Dairy foods benefit health beyond the energy and nutrients they provide.


Dairy foods benefit health beyond the energy and nutrients they provide. Some examples of these functional health benefits may include improved gut health, reduced inflammation and positive impacts on chronic disease risk, immunity, sleep and brain health.


Dairy MatrixThe Dairy Food Matrix

Nutrients, bioactives and other compounds in dairy foods work together uniquely to impact digestion, absorption and physiological functions. This dairy food matrix helps explain why dairy foods have health benefits beyond their isolated nutrients.1



Gut HealthGut Health

MicrobiomeThe microbiome refers to the unique collection of microorganisms or microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi) that live in different parts of the body. Every person has trillions of microbes throughout the body, with most of them living in the intestines.






Disease Prevention


Disease Prevention


Brain HealthBrain Health







Dairy foods work in synergy with vegetables, fruits and whole grains to make plant-forward plates even better by adding nutrients like high-quality protein, calcium and vitamin B12 along with flavor, texture and satisfaction.

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